Had two events with ties today - the program should, i assume splits points for ties, but did not.

We scored a tri-meet 5,3,2,1 and had a tie at 4th place - it gave one girl the point and the other got nothing.  Should have given them each 0.5 points............. why?  It was a very closely contested meet and I was hoping it would not screw up my final results .. luckily it didnt but it could be a huge issue sometime!!??

help??  email me directly if you like 906jkal@gmail.com

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here is screenshot of a tie i just created, and it is not splitting points


the odd thing is that it WILL split points for a tie between 1st and 2nd place, but will not split points for the LAST scoring place.

Sorry for the trouble. Not sure when I'll have time to look into it. If can confirm a bug I'll try to fix it sometime. I hadn't heard about this as a a bug before or else don't remember.

I think it is a bug - it splits all ties and divides all points for ties EXCEPT when it is the last place you are giving points for.  At our meet the last place was 4th place and it would split 1st/2nd ties points, but not 4th place ties. 

I wonder if I tried 5,3,2,1,0 as points it might realize it need to also look at 5th place??

Racetab is an amazing program Jason -- thanks for all your hard work on it!!!!!!!!!!!  you rock. 


JASON -- THIS FIXES IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

It will not split ties unless you tell the computer to "score the next place" with a ZERO!!!

So if you set the meet up 5,3,2,1  IT WILL NOT split ties between 4th and 5th because the computer won't look at 5th place.  But if you score it 5,3,2,1,0 IT WILL split ties in 4th/5th place!!!!


Wow! Nice catch and workable solution!

I'll do an update to patch this when I am able. But good to know what to tell people who run into this now in the mean time.

I should pay closer attention to these discussions.  Friday at our regional we had a four way tie for 7th in the high jump.  It only gave points to the 7th and 8th listed athletes with no points to 9th and 10th. The error was discovered after the meet had concluded but fortunately before the final results were announced.  As it turned out the apparent team winner by one point actually ended up second by half a point.  If I had added ,0,0 to the individual scoring, the point split would have been done properly.

It's funny when you are doing results you might miss this tie situation because you are so in tune with "what event is next, am i ready for the next event, is the camera working..... etc"  when I click "print results" I am mentally done with that event and don't think about it again.

BUT when the guy picking up that result off the printer is your head track coach who KNOWS there was a tie, he catches it immediately - that's how i figured this out.  I know tell my "assistant" in the pressbox to carefully look at each individual result and eyeball it closely for ties, and to double check it against what he/she knows happened and to compare it against the field event sheet that actually came up from the event.

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