Have been timing meets all season using FlashTiming, and consistently have problem getting start list to show up in the scoring folder - have to repeatedly refresh/edit the Sources, and usually wind up having to quit out of the meet then reopening. Connecting via WiFi network.

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I've had the same issue using a hard wired network. Any changes take a while to show up.

I'll download FlashTiming software today and see if I can play with it. I don't know much about it. In theory, it should work just like FinishLynx software.

Working for me. I can even delete all the files in the folder and as soon as I add a new event... or as soon as I click "Get Times" (which forces a full rewrite of all files) then those files show up. And Flash Timing can see them.

I did see the "cannot find start list" in FlashTiming when I set it to a folder with no files in it. But as soon as RaceTab wrote out those files (which it does any time something changes or when you do "Get Times") it recognized it and worked fine. FlashTiming shows me the event list.

I discovered one potential issue (which is maybe what you saw) where it did not write out the files immediately when you added the source. It did once something changes or you clicked "Get Times"... so 4.23 will write the files immediately.

But remember you can always click "Get Times" if something doesn't pull or push over.

I think I'm going to rename this option "Sync to Source (Get Times)" in 4.23 ... maybe "Get Times" is throwing people off since it's not exactly descriptive that it's doing a full pull and push sync when you do that. I just used that term originally since that is what it said in Hytek.

That's good to know. I assumed it only pulled times.

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