I am planning on using RaceTab to run our Track Meet for Elementary Track and Field Day.  In the past, I have used Hy-tek to score the meet but would have to create six separate meets, one for each grade, and then switch to each meet as the results would come in.  I am hoping that using RaceTab will allow me to combine everyone into one meet and the software would do the rest.

Here is my issue, I created 6 divisions, one for each grade.  An Elementary Division still shows up on my Divisions page and there are events attached to it.  For the new divisions I created, there are no events attached and I am not sure how I attach them.  Do I need to get rid of the Elementary Division?  Also, can I create the same events to be used for each division but it will be separated based on their grade?  Or instead of creating divisions for each grade, should I create groups instead?  Will the program then score the meet as six individual meets, one for each grade?  I guess I am confused by the terminology of divisions, groups, etc.

The meet isn't until late May but I want to get a handle on how to use the program so I am practicing on the Elementary meet before I begin working on the high school meets.  Any help is appreciated!

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My old coach always told me that there are many ways to get things done. So you can set up your meet many ways and have things work out.

I would have a division for each grade, and a group for each grade. With the division per grade you can have scores for each of the grades as well as overall scores for the meet.  By having the groups per grade you will have an easier time with entries and seeding. 

You will need to create each of the events for each of the groups you plan to run in Racetab ( although it is possible to run one large event and then use results filters to separate out the different groups.)

The hardest thing will be scrolling through the list of events to do the result entries. It's not hard to end up with more than 100 events to look at  when there are 10 events per grade, 2 genders and 6 grades to deal with.

Actually, we scaled down the meet with there being three or four individual running events, three field events, and one relay for each grade. Still is going to be a lot!

You would have a division for each grade. Then you need to create the events manually for each grade on the Events tab.


DIVISION = Contain events

GROUPS = Contain athletes

LEAGUES = Contains teams

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