I understand how to seed prelims and then translate that into a finals heat (Thanks to Jason's tutorial video).  However, does RaceTab automatically move the finals heat to the assigned "100m Dash Finals" event that will be, perhaps, 10 events removed from prelims in the list of events? 

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I'm not sure of your question, but there should not be a separate event for the finals. It will be one event with multiple rounds.

Sorry! I'll try to be more clear.  I've learned how to set up prelims and finals and then seed them properly. 

My question, though, centers around an order of events.  For example, in an upcoming meet we are hosting, the 10th event is the boys 100m dash prelim.  The boys 100m dash final is the 16th event.  We use Lynx and RaceTab in conjunction with one another.  Do you know if, after running the 100 finals, we would have to manually input order of finish and times (for the top 8 runners) or would Lynx/RaceTab know to do that in the appropriate location automatically?

It's the first time I've had to use the prelim/final setup within RaceTab and I'm really just wondering how Lynx and RaceTab work to communicate a "multiple round" event...

Yes, Lynx and RaceTab do communicate about the multiple rounds. Lynx will have a round number internally. So RaceTab knows which one it is.

For scheduling you can also put times in for each round... and/or do sessions to group them into a schedule.

But it will work fine between RT and Lynx regardless

I can't find the YouTube tutorial on how to set up prelims to finals could I get a link to that video please. 

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