I am attempting to seed a meet.  Under preferences, I have assigned the following preferences to 6 lanes, 5, 3, 1, 2, 4, 6.  When I seed events, the preferences do not follow through.  What am I doing wrong?

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I just tested this in 3.93 and it is seeding with those lane preferences. I changed the preferences in the lane order to what you said. Went into the seeding window, changed the number of lanes to 6, clicked seed round and it put the best people in that lane order.

I don't know.  I was using 3.93 and it definitely would not seed correctly for me.  I had to manually adjust seed positions.  

Why are you assigning the lane preferences in that order?  For a 6-lane track, the lane preferences go 3, 4, 2, 5, 1, 6....

I know this old but I still ran into this in 2019 so I'm putting this in a couple of threads as much for future me as anyone else that runs into this:

I was having a similar problem seeding a meet last night.  I changed the Lane Preferences for a 6 lane track and then tried to seed a sprint race and it still wasn't assigning the lanes the way I expected.  For most meets with heats as finals in the sprints and hurdles we want to seed our races from slowest to fastest with the fastest sprinters in the middle lanes and slowest on the outside in each heat, so the Lane Preferences should look like this in the app:

For 6 Lanes:


For 8 Lanes:


I'm guessing a lot of people are going to want to seed their races this way.

After making the changes and saving my preferences, I tried switching tabs, closing the app and reopening it again, all the typical strategies to get RaceTab to load the settings.  Finally I tried changing the Lane Preferences back to what they were before and suddenly the seeding started behaving the way I expected.  I've tried this a couple of times now and it seems like changing the Lane Preferences never "sticks" the first time, but change it again and it suddenly remembers what it was set to before.

So I think that's the trick: change the Lane Preferences twice (saving both times) and you'll start seeing the behavior you want while seeding races.

How can you set your desired lane numbers setting. I need help to set lane preferences as -

Lane 1 - 8th Position

Lane 2 - 7th position

Lane 3 - 3rd position

Lane 4 - 1st position

Lane 5 - 2nd position

Lane 6 - 4th position

Lane 7 - 5th position

Lane 8 - 6th position

Can you please help how to do this setting and where from.


Rakesh Save

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