I have all my teams in.

Over a thousand entires, in events from 100 'to 1500 to high jump to Javelin.

When I seed it seeds them all like they are track events.

I cannot find out how to "seed" a field event-even though I know I don't really have to seed it.

Really all I want is to be able to publish the field score sheet properly.

But our 800 and 1500 are run all together with a waterfall start. It still wants to seed based on lanes and heats. No heats, all together.

I just cannot find the way to seed those events with the heats.



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I would like to seed the field events in a single heat with up to 40 entries. Also, i would like to print off the Field event score sheets with the poorest entry marks at the top and the best entries at the bottom in a single sheet. A single sheet of the fewest sheets for the field event workers will help us all.

I figured out how to get them all on one scoresheet but they are still Best to Worst

Should be selectable when you do the seeding. Make sure flight and lane assignments are both set Worst to Best, and Best Together

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