We just timed a track meet that had 4 heats in the prelims and want to pull the first place finisher from each heat and the rest by best time into the finals. there was some runners that should have made the finals that the program missed.  The other thing that I noticed is that when the final heat was seeded, it didn't place the runners in the correct lane by their prelim time.  Shouldn't it seed the final heat by lane 4,5,3,6,2,7,1,8?

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How the final is seeded depends on organization and it's rules. IAAF should have random draw of perfered lanes by top seeds, then random draw of outside lanes by lower seeds. and finally a third draw for the lowest seeds for the two inside lanes. IAAF rule book is on line and rule 166 governs rules for seeding and advancement. Placement in heat is more important than the time the runner had for deciding on seeding position. So a heat winner seeds higher than people qualifying with faster times.

For your problem , what were the settings in seeding for your meet?

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