I'm getting an error when trying to seed finals.  Meet is attached.

I also noticed that 4.21 does not automatically place a tie breaker time to th right of the column.  Example Athlete A runs 12.981, and Athlete B runs 12.982.  Both are listed properly as having run 12.99 FAT and in correct order, but I have to type in the tie breaker time as a performence note.  I think it should be automatic, unless there is a reason not to do it I can't think of.

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AJ, i'm playing around with this and I THINK I see the reason for an error when seeding. I'm looking at your 100m dash boys. You have ties for 1st in the first heat and then more ties in the 3rd heat. RT is struggling to advance runners if you tell it to take 1 or 2 by place. If you change it to 3 or 4 it works fine.

I wasn't able to manually change the results though. I tried to change one of the 11.00 in the first heat but it wouldn't stick. If you can fix these ties then I think you'll solve your seeding issue.

That may be, I was originally trying to see what happens if there is a race that has to read to 1000th place to break a tie.

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