Dear Sir

I feel the second round seeding is not matching the rules of IAAF. As per IAAF the seeding to be placed in zig zag manner, which is not happening here.

Secondly as per new IAAF rules the lane allotment should be 3,4,5,6,7,8,1 and 2 as per the ranks.

The rank should be fast heat winner, second fast heat winner, third fast heat winner,.. Fastest second place, second fastest second place, third fastest second place,..... fastest third place, second fastest third place, third fastest third place.... best time qualifier, second best time qualifier and so on.

Please can this be made in our program.


Rakesh. Save

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While the various ways that RaceTab will seed do not follow the 2018/19 IAAF guidelines they do allow for the older IAAF guides as well as for the seeding patterns for the USA high schools , USA universities and the USA association. At what level of meet do you want to use the IAAF pattern? The IAAF rule book allows for local federations , oranizations to make changes to its rules so long as the change does not give an advantage to the athletes.

Hey John

Really appreciate your efforts in making this software, but if you could try and keep the lane seeding option by required sequence it would be great. May be you introduce lane sequence option for best to worst runner... its just my thought, 

Hope you consider this request and do the needfull.


Rakesh. Save

I have nothing to do with the program other than to have people look at it and decide if it suits their needs when I time their meets. I use it for some meets instead of buying very costly programs when people ask me to run the data base as well as a timing camera.

  If you go to lane preferences in the program you can adjust to have lane 1as the last choice or set any pattern you want, in the seeding option it already allows for best to worst or worst to best,. the "serpentine" option will distribute the athletes into heets similar to what is outlined in the IAAF rules.

Thanks John

Thanks for the answer, but cant see option to choose lane 1 as last. However by serpentine its much closer.

In the overall RaceTab settings you can set the lane preferences

Thanks Jasaon for your reply,

Can you send a link how to do it, where to find overall Race Tab setting. I cant see any lane preference in the setting tab after we open a meet.

Hoping to get solution from you at the earliest. 

Thanks and regards

Rakesh Save

Jason Byrne said:

In the overall RaceTab settings you can set the lane preferences

Click the main menu at the top (click the RaceTab logo in top left). It drops down the menu. "Click Preferences". Lane Preferences is huge in there... you can't miss it. Edit. Click "Save and Done" on the bottom.

Hey Jason

Thanks for the info.... it worked. But I am facing a new problem now. If I choose first two from each heat and remaining on time, the remaining on time athletes are selected only from third place of all heats. But best loosers can be from one heat also, I mean a fourth place or fifth place runner of fastest heat can be best looser. Please suggest how to get this.


Rakesh. Save

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