Something to consider maybe:

Scoring systems: I do not see now where to have different scoring systems for a girls meet or boys meet or divisions, et.  For example a meet that has five girls' teams and 9 boys' teams, scoring should be different.  

Yes. I do see where you can put the top number runners together if you want the top 10 together, for example But it is not holding when I do it.

Just an example, seeding a two mile  to make it fair racing. Top 9 girls in the two mile went from 1230 to 1330.

Runner 10-23 went from nearly 15 to 1956.

Thus, I want 9 in the 'fast heat'.

The way I understand it is select break for top 9 together. I would select waterfall start from best to worst and positions.

Here is what does not register for me.  How do I mark the seeding rules next? I have tried different scenarios and usually just end up manually adjusting.

Thank you

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