Scoring pole vault and high jump with ties and tie breaks with previous heights?

Hi everyone, I'm looking forward to running our home meet this year with our new Lynx system and Race Tab.  While playing around with Race Tab I don't see how to score the pole vault and high jump where two athletes may be tied at a height, but because one athlete cleared a previous height in less attempts they actually finished higher, this is per the NFHS rule book.  In Hy-Tec you usually see this noted with a "J" for jumps next to the mark.  I attached an example from a meet earlier this season where there were several of these cases in the boys pole vault.

After entering the marks in Race Tab I've tried manually entering the places to accomplish this but as soon as you click the score button it just overwrites my places and treats all the athletes with the same height as a tie.  How do some of you handle this?

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OK, I should have spent a little more time digging around, I found the answer in this tutorial:

Field Series: Importing from FieldLynx and Manual Edits

Here's the quick answer to my own question:

Click the "Series" button on the right while on the event.  Click the "Bar Heights: +" button and add all of the bar heights for the event and then enter the results for each athlete by way of makes and misses (o,xo,xxo,xxx) at each height.  When complete exit the "Series" screen and then you can click the "Score" button and Race Tab does the rest.  I much prefer the results report as well as it shows the whole series instead of just the final mark.

A very minor nice to have would be if I could enter the bar heights ahead of time and have them print on the Score Sheet, not a big deal though.

Score first. Then just change the places. Don't restore. Or do field series.

Field series will work. You can also do this one of two other ways... one you can put in just the # of misses for those two tied athletes. Click the row of the first athlete, then look below the results there will be a little panel where you can just either # of misses. Do that for the other athlete as well. If you do that, then when you do click "Score" it will use that # of misses to break the tie. (if you do the field series, it automatically does that)

The other way is click "score" and then manually edit the places, as Don said. There is no need to click score again after that.

Oh cool, thank you!  The number of misses option is nice.  For the other jumps and throws that panel has an option for second best mark which is great for breaking ties.  Much nicer than entering a whole series.  We ran our first meet yesterday and it went great.  We had Race Tab working well with Lynx, got all the field events entered and scored the whole thing.  Thanks everyone for all the information on this site, it made it doable.

That is great news! So glad to hear it went well!

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