We have been hand entering bib #'s into racetab and was wondering if you could enter bib #'s with a scanner?

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I did that with a cheep hand held bar code reader and RT 3. 04? many years ago have not tried it with a newer version. I also used the program to print the bar codes onto the lables to put onto the bibs.  It was for a CC meet for youg kids. Scnned the bibs on the kids as they walked by a point in the finished shoot.

We do it all the time. Be sure to get a laser barcode reader, much quicker and more accurate. You can get a decent one for $50-75.

Can you get it to put the bib #’s right into the event as you scan them or do you have to import them into the event after scanning all the tags?

Right into the event. Just put your cursor in the first blank and go from there.

One thing to be aware of is RT won't catch a double scan, so a kid can take two places if you're not careful. Happened in our league championships last week!


I just tried it and got it working.  Thanks.  This would make it easier if you get a runner without a bib, you can just start typing their name and get them entered this way. 

When I tried to scan the same number after it has already been entered, I get the message that he is already entered, do you want to still add them. Not sure why this didn't happen in your league championship.


What version are you using?

We have version 4.25

Going to use a handheld scanner to enter bib #'s into a race.  Is there a way to get it so you don't have to keep pressing the Enter key after you scan a bib #?  This would save some time in entering results.

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