Hosting a local road race in a couple weeks.  It has both a 5K run and 5K walk division that has a simultaneous start & finish - basically we're using a single clock and both runners and walkers will have times mixed together.  I'm currently using Excel to do my sorting.

Both events have the same age groups.

1) How do I differentiate between the Run and the Walk when entering names, ages, genders?  I assume it works the same way as a track meet where you list athletes by "Event".

2) When scoring the results - do I need to put runners in the "Run" and walkers in the "Walk" events?  I'd like to be able to score everyone at the same time.

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Sorry for the late reply. Putting them as separate events probably is not ideal. But RaceTab has another concept called "classifications" which would be great for this purpose. Have one for run and one for walk and assign runners appropriately. When you print results you could have it print either one or choose to split by classification.

Alternately you could have a team for run and a team for walk... plus a league for team and league for walk (with the team assigned appropriately) and then put athlete on the right team. Then split the results by league.

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