We are running all events as finals with multiple heats for dual meets.  On our Tuesday meet, when I clicked 'Get Times' from FAT and 'Score' it was diplaying all heats as prelims for the Men's 100m Dash and 4x800 Relay.  Since they were showing up as prelims, the events couldn't be scored the proper 5, 3, 1.  I wasn't sure the best way to fix this after the fact, so we just added these points by hand after the meet was done.  I assumed that these events had just been set up incorrectly (for prelims and finals).

Then for the MS meet yesterday, I went through each event before the meet and double checked that every event was only set up for finals.  However, after we entered scores in FlashTiming and pulled these times into racetab - there were a couple events that displayed all heats as prelims instead of finals again.  They were the Men's 70m, Women's 4x400, and Men's and Women's 4x800.  I am not sure what we are messing up with the events or what the best way is to fix this after the fact.  (Hand scoring these events after is always an option - but we would love to have this resolved before we host additional meets.)

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Once things calm down for me in a couple weeks I'm going to invest some time into RaceTab again. And I'll try to track down this bug. It's going to be a bit difficult since I don't have Flash Timing (or Lynx) to test with. But I'll try to see if I see anything that could potentially be tripping it up with the Flash Timing "Get Times"

You can send me the racetab file and the meet folder for racetab/flashtiming {NOT VIDEO}. I have been using racetab, with flashtiming for 3 years with NO issues. When we first started using the combo, we made little errors that caused  something unexpected. Most likely it is the learning curve type of error. Once you send me your racetab file and zip the meet folder and send it I will connect it to my flashtiming and trouble shoot the set up for you. Make sure you are using the latest version of Flashtiming at least 4.1.0.....

Another hint. Once you have this issue and review the video to stamp the times in the flash timing folder, You can always go back in after you made sure finals only is selected and re-review the capture video to re-stamp, and re send results to racetab. I always tell my computer operators to not be in the event the review person is sending to racetab. If you are reviewing the 100m dash, and racetab operator has that event open, it appears the times  did not send, click on another event, then back to 100m dash and there they are. Also make sure you are using the latest version of racetab, and flashtiming  FT 4.1.0 .

Now for the last three meets we've run - we have not had this issue pop up.  I can't pick out anything specifically that I have done differently than the first two meets this year.  The three meets that were run without any issues, I used both automatic imports for times and also the 'get times' icon.  After doing some looking online, I had tried to map the network drive I was using (thinking it may have had something to do with how the computers were connected to the same network).  I have still been using the same file path with a new folder for each meet though.  I know this isn't helpful, but I just wanted to pass along that this is not necessarily a consistent issue that we are experiencing.

I had it happen twice. We use EagleEye and it was only in the 100 meters and hurdles.  It somehow changes the format to two rounds.  No idea.  This season after about 30 events, it happened once.  So, I know this does not help but it is more than just Flash Timing.  In our case, it did get the time; it just would not score since it put it in two rounds.  Had to go back and reset to one round and number of heats. However, it would not show the heats in the final results. It DID score properly.  

Happened again a couple weeks ago.  Everything went fine, except the girls 100 (not boys) refused to allow finals only.  It kept assigning multiple rounds and I couldn't score.  Hadn't happened to me all season and then bam.

Jason, did you ever find out what was causing this?  I was really close to giving up on racetab when this happened at a meet.

I haven't found anything that would cause this. And no one has provided me any files to import that reproduce it.

it's happened multiple times to me during events but all i've ever had to do was go back to the event and change the rounds to whatever is needed. Never lost any data from it. I've always just looked at it as one of those glitches that comes with free software. 

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