Hey there Jason

I just tried to email the schedule report and it came up with the following error message (attached)

I have attached the event file for your records as usual.

Any ideas why this has occurred?



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Thanks, Mark. This will be fixed in 4.23 and should be greatly improved.

Thanks Jason. When r u releasing 4.23


The whole email function is much improved in this version.

  • Edit body inline (rather than just send the content of the report). I don't expect a lot of editing at that point, but at least there is that visibility and you can change if you wanted to for some reason.
  • Shows recipient count of how many people will get the email
  • Link to edit distribution list from the email screen
  • Closes screen after email sent
  • Includes any athletes who have email address provided, in addition to coaches of teams with emails under the "Participants" option
  • Uses a much more reliable sending mechanism that should help deliverability
  • Will send from YOUR email (based on your RaceTab identity) rather than a generic "RaceTab" email address

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