I plan to use RaceTab 4.25 to manage a high school cross country meet. I'd like to use two computers hardwired (ethernet cable through a switch) together where both computers are running RaceTab and have the meet open. My thought is that, during a race, one operator can be using RaceTab's stopwatch to get times as the kids finish, and the other operator can be using the other computer to enter bib tags from the previous race, print results, etc. Before the race, one computer can be used to edit men's entries, and the other to edit women's entries to speed things along.

As a trial run, I set up the meet on one computer and saved it locally on that computer's hard drive. Everything works fine on either computer-- I can open and read and write to the meet on either computer *as long as RaceTab is only running on one computer at a time*. As soon as I try to run RaceTab on both computers simultaneously, the second computer (the one that it accessing the meet files over the LAN) comes to a screeching halt. It's pretty much unusable -- like 30 second freezes every time the mouse is clicked within RaceTab.

The computers are 6 months old running Windows 7 Enterprise (AMD A10 with 16 GB of RAM, if it matters), so I don't think the issue is the computers. Other than RaceTab, I seem to be able to read and write files over the LAN at a fast speed with no noticeable lag.

I suffered from the same symptoms last spring during the track season, but with our track meet set-up, there's a third computer running FinishLynx and two cameras all also on the network. I suspected that the slow down was somehow a results of the FinishLynx stuff. With the problem I'm now having, I don't think that was the case.

Should I be able to have more than one computer using the same RaceTab meet file at the same time? Have anyone else experienced this issue?

Thanks for taking the time to read this. There are some very knowledgeable people on the forums!


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last winter had a similar problem, one computer doing field events and the second running Finishlynx and doing all track results,  Ended up running two versions of racetab but each using the same data base file on the track computer. also shared the printer on the track computer. seemed to work that way.

Were you able to combine the scores from track and field to have a fully scored meet?

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