I am trying to add teams/athletes and events to my meet. I am importing that data from a CSV spreadsheet that I have used for the last few years.

When I open the spreadsheet in Race Tab it is slow. Then I must switch to the "entries" tab to allow the data to line up with the appropriate column.

I use "EVENTS", "FULL NAME", "TEAM" and for some events "SEED". I click the comma and everything looks great.

I click import and it stalls, it is trying to do something, but eventually it does not respond and I need to shut it down.

The files are generally 6.00mb in size, for whatever reason. I tried to attach a file that was giving me trouble but it too large.

I have the XLS version as well, but I have only ever imported the files from a CSV format in the past.

The XLS file is 2.66mb in size, the CSV files are 6.00mb in size.

I have the newest version of Race Tab installed.

The computer is new in the last year and has ample memory and ram.

I think it is the file itself that is messing things up, but all my teams (80) as setup in this format with this spreadsheet. It was a spreadsheet I borrowed from Race Tab three years ago...

Hopefully I here something!



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Yes it appears to be the files size, I copied the data only to a new spreadsheet and saved it as a txt file is was a total of 3.46 kb, it ran it fast and had no problem importing.

Now I have to reformat all the entries!

Sorry it was running slow. 6mb of data is a lot to import. If you think it's worth sending it over to me then email it to me and I can look at what we're dealing with.

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