I received this question today. Does anyone have an answer?


I am trying to export the events and meet into my eagle eye timing software, but I have been unsuccessful. How can I create an .evt file from race tab?

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What version of Race Tab are you using,  Most people that I time for (with FinishLynx) use 3.05 as they are use to it.  Once in the meet, they go to interface, choose the timing system, choose the shared folder that the timing computer is aimed at. then select all for export and select all for import.  once they save a seeding for a race we check that the .ppl,.evt, and .sch files for the meet are in the shared folder.  I check the file by opening the .evet file in a simple word processing file.  In the latest versions of Racetab you do the same thing but start in the heading "Sources" 

EagleEye should work basically the same way as FinishLynx or FlashTiming. So just follow the same instructions to choose your data folder. You can manually export also by going to the Export menu and choosing "Lynx"..... although you really shouldn't have to do that. EE uses Lynx format files.

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