Let's see if anyone can help

I tried to seed the 300IH as a relay event.  The basic idea of adding 2 athletes together to get a combined time.  I set up the event to be a "Relay" used "2" scorers and "none" scorers tried both -- when I went to the seed section it gives "??" instead of athlete names.  If I take off the 'Relay" part it will give names --- any ideas.

Also if I keep it as a "Relay" even without the names it does not add together.


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No idea, I certainly concluded that you should not check the relay box (not the button, the box) under event set-up after seeding an individual event!!  Does not work out well -- blows away your entries!  No warning.

In theory, you are doing it right. That's what that relay checkbox is supposed to do. I tested in 3.64 and as you note it is certainly not doing that. I will look into it. Been too busy to work on RaceTab lately. sorry

Well tried to use the newest RaceTab this weekend -- I knew the 300IH as relay wont work going into the meet but during the meet I found out that the "relay" format did not work with any event.  For example last year I used RaceTab because it added 2 long jumpers together to decide what team won.  This year it did not add -- luckily I had an older version on my computer and was able to get it done.  

Hope this gets fixed for the future

Hey, Dan. I have a couple hours here tonight to work on RaceTab. Probably won't for another week after this. So I'm going to look at this now for you and hopefully get a fix out.

This is now working (see below). I need to fix a few seeding issues before releasing. The problem is just a few places where I need to make sure it understands the difference between a traditional relay, a field relay, and an individual running event scored as a relay.

Notice below it does not score Avon Park... this is because they did not have enough to score.

Varsity Boys 100 Meter Dash
Name Yr Team Time Wind H# Pts
1 Sam Jacobs Sebring HS 10.89 NWI 1 *
2 Timothy Koning Sebring HS 11.01 NWI 1 *
3 Aaron Ramnarain Avon Park HS 11.10 NWI 1 *
Team Time Pts
1 Sebring HS 21.90 10

Varsity Girls 300 Meter Hurdles
Name Yr Team Time Pts
1 Dakota Fanning NYC Stars 41.32 *
2 Ellen Pompeo NYC Stars 42.46 *
3 Jessica Alba Hollywood Hooligans 44.32 *
4 Rashida Jones NYC Stars 45.19
5 Nikki Cox Hollywood Hooligans 46.09 *
6 Kim Basinger Hollywood Hooligans 48.22
7 Jennifer Connelly Hollywood Hooligans 49.22
8 Emma Watson NYC Stars 50.01
Team Time Pts
1 NYC Stars 1:23.78 10
2 Hollywood Hooligans 1:30.41 8

Varsity Boys Pole Vault
Name Yr Team Mark Pts
1 Weird Al Yankovick NYC Stars 17-08.00 *
2 George Carlin NYC Stars 16-07.00 *
3 Chuck Yeager Hollywood Hooligans 15-06.00 *
4 William Shakespeare Hollywood Hooligans 12-03.00 *
Team Mark Pts
1 NYC Stars 34-03.00 10
2 Hollywood Hooligans 27-09.00 8

Should be fixed in 3.65, dan. please test.

Jason I tried to use the results I already had from the weekend -- it did not work

I will try later creating a new meet later tonight

Dan, I am uploading a tutorial to YouTube right now on this.

Jason, I got it to work --- I did not have Individual Scorers per team/ event set to 2


Great! I will update it to have a setting per event for how many score.

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