I created a meet on MileSplit with online signup, imported the entries and entire rosters to RaceTab, assigned bib numbers to all athletes, entered all results, clicked on Score All and when I go to Publish the only event I see is the girls 100 hurdles....

Also on the Publish tab, performance sheets works fine, but seed times only shows the 1 event of 36.....I also created a meet from scratch, added 6 male and 4 female athletes, entered in results for 2 events in each gender, and in that instance I can only get the 2 girls events to publish....

I have corresponded with Jason and Jeff at ncmilesplit and there was still an issue....I have uninstalled and reinstalled RaceTab on 2 different computers with no change in results....Any help fixing this would be greatly appreciated, I really don't want to have to re-enter a meet with several hundred athletes again....

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One thing I just noticed, for the events that do show up in the final results, the columns across the top are

Bib#    Athlete  Team    Lane     Place   Time

For all the ones that don't show up in the results, the columns are

Bib#    Athlete  Team    Lane     Heat Place   Time

Never mind, figured out the problem, no heat numbers are automatically entered for each event, you have to set them all to 1 if you aren't going to go by separate heats, leaving them at 0 is the issue.

As you noticed, athletes must be seeded into heats. If you go through the seed process, even if just one heat then you don't have to manually put in the heat number in each row.

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