I have created a plunger switch that sends a space bar command to the computer. When I tested it with RaceTab the Manual Input keeps turning on and off as I hit the plunger. If I hit the space bar it's marking times as you would expect. Not sure why it's not working properly. Have tried it with several other pieces of software and it works as expected.

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We have a plunger box that we sell that does this and it works fine.  I dare say that you have a problem in your design.

Tweaked the program and got it to work. Works with Flashtiming software to set Bookmarks as well.I think you said the USB box was $125 these are $75 FYI

What software?  Ours is completely plug and play.  Great if yours works for less.

Where can I purchase the USB box plunger like the one in the picture?

Please email me at rprout@wildblue.net and I will send you the details.

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