Overall Score on Results Sheet not specifying which is Men's and which is Women's

When we print the results sheet (either per event to announce during the meet or the full events at the end of the meet), the overall team scores at the bottom do no list which results are Men's and which are Women's.  We print the Men's and Women's results together, but I know we can just print them separately.  I'm assuming I could also just type in Men's and Women's before I print - but is there something I'm missing to have this entered automatically?

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Are you sure you are on the current version?  This issue was addressed a long time ago I believed.

On the right had side after you hit full results, you will see a drop down menu, put it on gender specific and it prints fine then.  I think this should be the default but if you change it it works fine. 

On Publish tab. Click Complete Results Column, First check to see if all scores are listed...to separate genders click male, or female on right.See Video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6kBs1RgV11A

They do display just fine when using the gender specific report.  We just like to print one report with all the results for announcing results, coaches that coach both mens and womens, and for the newspaper.  (Just one less report to print off at the end of the night when we're trying to wrap up the meet.)

I had the latest version when I originally posted this and have the current version now and it is still not displaying 'Mens' and 'Womens' when the report is printed together.  It's not a big deal because we can print separate reports or write them in, but just something I had noticed.

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