I've been using two computers - Computer A for Lynx and Computer B for RaceTab/Results.

At our last meet, Lynx .lif files were successfully being sent from Lynx Computer (A) to the proper shared folder on the RaceTab Computer (B).  Times, however, were not transferring automatically to RaceTab events.

Instead, for some reason, my assistant coach and I found that we had to exit RaceTab completely, re-open RaceTab, and then he was re-saving finished Lynx races to the folder and THEN they would work.  Needless to say, we finished the meet and then inconveniently had to close RT and re-save Lynx files quite a few times to cover all events.

We will be hosting a 7-team class championship meet in late May and looking for advice on a fix?  Trying to run a *nearly* seamless meet and I'm sure it's something simple we are missing...

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I am going to guess you tried the refresh button first and it did not work.  Also see if computer A has the right set up for the LIF file.

Along with the internet solution that has been talked about on this forum.

RaceTab should let off an audible "ping" when it pulls in new results from Lynx. If you have the source set as Automatic (rather than Manual) is should happen whenever an LIF file is saved in that designated folder. Like Dan said, if you are already in the event, you can click the refresh button so it updates your display and you should see those results that were pulled in.

Sometimes people have reported an issue where it was not automatically pulled in. The solution is to right click on the FAT Camera icon at the top and choose "Get Times" and this forces RaceTab to pull in those files again.

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