I was wondering if there is a way to network two computers together and access the same racetab file?  What I would like to do is open a meet on one computer and be able to review races using FlashTiming.  I would like to use the second computer to be dedicated to entering field event results as they come to the press box. Once the results are entered for a field event, I was wondering if these would be able to transfer over to the timing computer for scoring and the results.

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Hi Ray!  We're doing this now.  You create a local network for the two computers and use an ethernet cable to connect them.  -Pete (Nouvel CC)

As Pete said, you can do this across the network. Set up a folder that is shared over your local network on the main computer. Then on your second computer, best bet is to map that shared folder as a network drive. So maybe you assign it as the "R" drive or something. This is all just Windows stuff.

Once you've done that you should be able to open that RaceTab meet file just like you would if it were local. Just browse for the file.

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