I've been using RaceTab for a few years now. Love it. Updated to Version 4.08 today, and now I cannot import entries from an Excel spreadsheet as I've been doing for quite some time. For big meets it makes sense to operate through MileSplit. However, for weekly tri and quad meets the spreadsheet template has been working great for me. I send it out; the visiting coaches send it back; I save it to my machine; I import the entries, assign numbers, yada yada yada; we have a meet.

I know I can download rosters through MileSplit, but as other folks on this board already well-know, when you do that you get everyone: cross country, track, new, old. I don't want to assign numbers to runners who are not going to be there.

"Coach, Why are you worrying about assigning numbers for a small mid-week meet?"

We sharpie that number on their shoulder or hand as in a triathlon and put that number on a finish order sheet at the finish. So long illegible, sweaty, crumpled finish cards.

Anyway, with version 4.08 I'm getting some "unhandled exception has occurred" message, and it will not let me import the VERY SAME FILES I imported last week in the VERY SAME WAY. 

Can a guy get a little help with this issue?

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Please email me the file to jason.byrne@flosports.tv and I will attempt to import it and see what's up. Typically we import from CSV (or other delimited) files as opposed to importing the Excel file. So I haven't really tested importing an XLS or XLX file in quite some time.

Can you get it to CSV? Or maybe even copy/paste the text in from the spreadsheet?

I have been using excel spreadsheets without issue in 4.08 and 4.09. I always save them as .xls files.

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