Hey there Jason

Really like the fixes you have made lately.  The software is looking great.

I ran a Pentathlon last night and it appears that the overall points scenario is not working properly in the Events Screen and the Publish Results screen.  I have attached the data file for your perusal.  As always I might be doing something wrong, but your help would be appreciated.

Also I was wondering if you have plans to do the following in the future.

  1. Add in Age Factored percentages for Masters Athletes?
  2. Add is IPC Factored percentages for Athletes with a Disability

They could be some great add ons.

Thanks and look forward to your reply.


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I think we will definitely consider it; however, to be honest, age-grading is pretty far down the list of importance for our core demographic unless it was really simple to implement. I don't know anything about IPC Factored percentages.

I have the multi-scoring fixed in 4.21 in the following way: when you go to the parent event (the multi itself) and click "Score" it will calculate all of the totals at that time. Ideally I would like to update this to do it more live than that. But that was the quick fix that I can offer for 4.21

Hey Jason

That's great - and I assume could work after every event if you score it and then un-score it etc etc



Hey there

The live results are now not working http://www.maharris.co.nz/results/2016%20WTF%20Pentathlon%202%2014%...

Shall I enter all the info again?


Try this build for the legacy live results fix:


Let me know if that works for you. Just to be up front, that legacy results format is just in maintenance mode. We don't have plans to really do much else with it than it is now. The direction we'll be headed in the future is making a really great and free live results solution hosted on our servers. 

Thanks Jason

Works perfectly

It would be great to see the new free live results solution you are looking to do.  How far away is this potentially?

Also this is what I found on Masters Age Factored Tables http://www.world-masters-athletics.org/files/newsstories_files/WMA_...  It might be a simple calculator that you add, that the user can update with the latest info, but i am sure you can tell me if this is easy or not.

As for Paralympic Factored performances, its normally done on the basis of the world record for the grade.  A bit like the Masters one and applies when grades are combined to determine who the winner is based upon a percentage of the world record.

I know these might be low on the priority list, but to be a challenger to Meet Manager on a world scale, it should possibly be considered part of the mix.  A lot of people see these as necessary components for a meet management software, even if it is user maintained.

Thanks heaps


Let's set a time to talk about age grading at some point. Once I really even understand it as a concept (how it should display and such) then it may potentially not be too overall difficult if it's just a factor that I can perhaps apply when the event is scored... much like we do with the multis right now.

However, the implement weights would need some thought since we don't really set those right now.

Hey there

It would be great to talk as I really like what you are doing and keen to provide ideas and thoughts.  Whats best... My Skype is m.l.harris



I added you on Skype. My user name is jason.milesplit

Let me know when you are free to chat... I dont always have Skype on, so would need to turn it on if you are still keen to chat.


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