Plan to use one computer to score running events, a second for field results. Both will have the same RaceTab database file. Wondering if it's possible to export result from field laptop and import into the other (or vice versa) to create a complete set of results (and scores). Some testing I've done doesn't seem successful. Any tips?

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Yes, it's definitely possible. I would recommend having the meet set up the same on both computers,  exporting the results only in RTQL format from the field computer, importing that RTQL file into the track computer. That should work.

Other formats like CSV should work also.

Didn't seem to work. When I exported/imported as RTQL, the only option it gave me was "ENTIRE MEET" but when importing the resultant file, nada.

CSV produced a lot of extra columns - it would take too much time to make that method worthwhile. Any other suggestions. This would really be a big help

That sucks that the RTQL doesn't seem to work. That is really the intended way to do it. Darn it.

Here is a work around. Go to publish results, like when you would print them. Then go to Advanced Customize. Now choose "CSV" as the format in the top left. Set "Team Scores" to "Hidden". Now click the "Done" button.

You can save that as a text file... or else just copy and paste it... and email it to yourself or save it to a network drive or something. And then you can go to your other computer and you can import that.

It will run you through the normal delimited file import and then there ya go.

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