I'm a fairly new user to RaceTab and am currently using Version 4.21. 

Most of the product has actually been rather intuitive.

I'm trying to set up meet records and struggling.

Is there a primer with step by step instructions.  The videos are great.

BTW - This week I set up and scored a meet using FlashTiming's FT120.

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I can't get records (actually league championship qualifying standards) to "stick." Type them in, hit Save, they disappear. Didn't have this problem indoors.

I'm in the exact same situation. The videos are great but I can't seem to find specific tutorials (like how to create heat sheets) that are hanging me up right now.

I was able to reproduce this issue. Will look into it and fix for 4.22 this week

I'm hoping this gets fixed soon. I have 3 invitationals plus a league meet in the next 10 days that I would use records for. Hopefully it will also fix on the results print where it was cutting the times of the records off and you could see what the record was.

It is working now, so will be in 4.22

New Division 1 Boys 100 Meter Dash
# State Jason Byrne 10.33
Name Yr Team Time Wind Pts
1 Michael Jackson NYC Stars 10.21 NWI 10 #
2 DeShawn Buford 11 Rantoul 10.53 NWI 8

OK, 4.22 fixed the problem of records not "sticking" but now it seems they can't be exported/imported as RTQL files. I'd like to be able to do that to share with other schools in our league.

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