I got a new computer as my old computer was on its last leg.

I downloaded and installed RaceTab on the new computer.  As you know it asks for you to login into MileSplit when first opening up RaceTab. 

Well RaceTab will not accept my login information and I know it is correct.  I even created a new login and still RaceTab will not accept it.

Please help as I have a meet coming up and would like to use my new laptop.


Paul Strother

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Interesting that previous versions work. I don't recall what would have changed to make a difference, but if it works I'll investigate at some point. For what it's worth... I can log out and login with various different test user accounts in the latest version of RaceTab and it all works for me.

My suspicion is that it has to do with capital letters in user names. All of the user names I have tested with thus far have all been lowercase. Where as anyone who has had issues thus far I've noticed they have capital letters in their user name.

So that's just my guess.

Wish I had more time to work on RaceTab, but unfortunately I don't currently have time or developer resources into it.

The only way I got it to work is I made a new account, downloaded the program, logged in with no problems.

My paid account will still not log in.

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