For many of our meets we score only the varsity heat(s) -- usually one heat for a dual and two heats for a double dual or tri meet. The rest of the heats are exhibition, if you will. Is there as way to mark whole heats as non-scoring. Also in the hurdles for example, we often backfill a couple of exhibition athletes in the scoring heat. Is there a way? The same athlete may score in a different event, so I need to mark them exhibition only in this event.

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There is no way to make a heat exhibition only. As you know, you could create a separate division and create those non-scoring heats as events in that separate "JV" division.

Alternately (and this would be a pain) you could mark each of those athletes as "exhibition". Right click on the results in the Events tab, add the exhibition column. And then check each one you don't want to score.

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