Is there a way to auto-fill lane assignments based on seeds so that two fastest are Lanes 3-4, then 2-5, 1-6. With Lanes 1-3-5 being Team A and 2-4-6 being Team B? And if possible, can Team A and B swap lanes every other event?

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In theory setting up the meet to have a 6 lane track and seed by lane preference and setting the lanes in your prefered way will auto fill as you want for seed times. Going into the teams menu and editing the team preferences to fixed lanes should allow you to do the fixed lane assignment for the teams, but I'm not sure if you can swap sets of lanes every other event and do the “V” seeding all at the same time. It would take the two teams of the dual to be very evenly matched and switching the team preferences after you seed each event


Ok. Saw that you can set "fixed" lanes. How do you set it up so the lanes are distributed that the two fastest are lanes 3-4, then 2-5, then 1-6. With Team A 2-4-6 and B 1-3-5. Right now with fixed lanes it puts the fastest in lane 1, then 3, then 5. Not fastest in 3, then 5, then 1.

I have the same problem with this!  Fastest person on the fixed lanes setting is placed inside not from the middle out.

I have same issue with seeding a dual meat.  I tried both options and cannot get fastest in the middle lanes

Any help would be great 

Have 8 lanes

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