We just ran a meet tonight and I am having trouble getting Racetab to import times for events automatically.  We have 3 computers networked together (1 for Flashtiming Capture, 1 for Flashtiming Review, and 1 for Results / Scoring using Racetab).

After recording times in Flashtiming Review and clicking Save Times, the times would not show in Racetab.  (I had already configured the Source in Racetab with the FAT camera and it was set to 'automatic'.)  I figured out that if I went back into Sources and selected edit, and without changing anything click save - It would pull one heat or events worth of time.  (So I had to do this for every heat and every event I wanted to pull into Racetab.)

In previous versions, I recalled a Get Times button.  However, I did not see that on the display of the latest version when I was using it.  (4.25)

Any ideas for how to get times to import automatically or where the Get Times button is to force the import.


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I run Flash Timing and Racetab as well, and have had similar problems in the past, and encountered every issue you describe at random times.  Shutting down racetab and restarting helped.  I think it's probably a networking issue.  This year I've done 2 small 12-24 team invites and a couple weekly duel/double duels with no issue.

This process has worked for me.  Your results might vary.

1. On each computer I map a drive to the racetab results folder.
2. For the 3 Computers 1 is dedicated to Capture and all video files go there, 1 is dedicated to review races and Flash Timing is on that one, the final computer runs Racetab and is connected to the printer.
3. The Racetab database stays on the Racetab Computer and the Flash Timing Capture Computer is pointed at the mapped drive to save time files.
4. We do not open an additional copy of Racetab on Computer 1 or 2 until all track events are done, and only if we need to catch up on field events.

You can also right click the camera icon to "Get Times", although we have not needed to.

Good Luck.

Not totally sure, but based on it being reported as a common problem I think sometimes networking gives the automatic import trouble. Like AJ said, you can right click on the camera icon and do "Get Times" to manually trigger RaceTab to pull them in.

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