I posted a similar question a few weeks ago and got no replies. I'm going to try to restate my exact issue and see if this generates anything (and also, my upcoming meet is another week closer, and so it's getting to be crunch time).

At our cross country meet:

  • Athletes will be pre-declared as JV or Varsity.
  • I will have a unique bib number assigned to each athlete
  • The varsity and JV boys will run together and run through the same finish chute (likewise for girls).
  • I'll use the built-in stopwatch to capture a list of finish times.
  • After the race, I'll key in the bib numbers torn off in the chute.

At the end of the meet, I need to provide a score based strictly on the (pre-declared) varsity runners, and I'd like to have official finish times for all runners. I can do this by checking on the exhibition column for the JV runners when I enter their bib numbers in the results. However, I need to do this for ever runner. I feel like this will really slow my data entry down, not to mention creating an obvious opportunity for clerical error.

What I'd like to do is import a "classification," "group," or "exhibition?" piece of data when I import the athletes' names, genders, etc. to designate them as JV or varsity. That way, I can print the results and score of the varsity runners separately from the jv runners. I've tried it with each idea separately to test. I get no errors, but when I click through the imported athlete data, all of those flags, e.g,. classification, etc., are defaulted back to null regardless of whether there was any data in that column or not when it was imported. For example:

  • I created a column in my spreadsheet before even opening RT called Classification, and I listed either Varsity or JV next to every athlete in the spreadsheet.
  • In a new meet in RT, I create 2 classifications -- "Varsity" and "JV"
  • In RT when I import the data, I make sure my "Classification" column is being imported as Classification.
  • When I double click on an athlete within the "Teams" tab (and access the "Edit Athlete" window), I can see that my classifications are listed as options for the athlete. However, none of them are checked, e.g., John Smith was imported as having varsity as his classification in the spreadsheet, but none of the options are checked. The same is true if I try to use Groups or Exhibition? instead of Classification.

Ultimately, I think I can make it work my manually clicking on the exhibition checkbox for each JV runner, but it seems like there must be an easier way. Can anyone help?

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Not that I even get some of this but here is an idea that is simple.

Take your male spreadsheet. Assign your jv runners to a wave on the spreadsheet.

You said each division has a specific sequence number, correct?

Start the males. Then, when you type a bib in it should work.

Send me a spreadsheet that has JV and Varsity marked and I will give it a go for you.

Email it to frb82359@gmail.com

Thanks for the offer to help, Freddie. I played around with it today, and I was able to import the "group" info from my spreadsheet and I think I can make that work for the meet.

Also, I think I understand what's happening with the exhibition data: When I designate a column to be imported as "Exhibition?", RT takes no data to mean "No" and any data (it doesn't matter what's in that cell) to mean "Yes." I made up a spreadsheet with a whole bunch of names and verified this. When I click through the names to see the data, the exhibition option is correctly highlighted for each athlete. However, this doesn't help me in practice, because when I enter the athlete into the results area of the event, the exhibition checkbox always defaults back to off. This is very frustrating!

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