I am curious.....I have never used Racetab where I have imported entries from a Milesplit meet.  I see where I can print off a performance list, but is there a way, in the Events tab, where I can see who is entered and their mark? This would save me from having to re-enter the names during/after the meet, rather than just entering their performance.


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When you go under that event you can see everyone that is entered in that event by clicking on the "Seed or Seeding" tab to the right. When you are in this window then you can seed the event, even if it is a jump or a throw to see the competitors. Another way is to check under "Unassigned" will show you the competitor and their seed.

I haven't used Milesplit but have used Athletic.net to download entries and upload them to RaceTab and it has worked beautifully. If I don't have the events that they are in but at least have access to their names and schools I'll upload that to save some time.

On the Events tab you can toggle the heat to what seems like heat 0 but will say "All Heats" and will list everyone, even if not seeded into a heat. And you can right click anywhere in the grid and one of the options says "Show Seed Column"

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