Im having a problem, As I set up the meet and go to import the from the online registration, nothing is importing at all.  Am I doing something wrong?  I have already selected our meet, but not populates so im not able to do any heat sheets or nothing.

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As it was explained to me, since Milesplt isn't doing anything with RaceTab, and RaceTab isn't communicating with Milesplit -- you have to go into the meet manager and go to entries and you want to download "Download to Hytek (Entries & Full Rosters)" and import that file into Racetab. RaceTab will prompt you to select either "Roster" or "Entries" and you will select Entries to get the entries into RaceTab. 

I hope this helps!

This bit me hard yesterday, and I knew better but it's been a couple of years now since I've timed a track meet with Covid and all.  This is probably the best thread that explains this issue:

In a nutshell, you can not login to Racetab using your email address, you must use your username, which is different than your email address.  If you go to "My Account" on Milesplit you can see what your username is.  If you've signed up for Milesplit within the last few years your username might be a random series of numbers and letters, which you won't be able to login to Racetab with probably because it's too long.  If this is the case you can change your username to something more reasonable by clicking "Edit Profile", it will even tell you if you pick a username that's already in use.  Once you have your username you can logout and log into Racetab with your username and the same password you use to login to Milesplit and you should be able to download your meet and see all the teams, athletes and events.  It doesn't make any sense but that's how it is.

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