I have used HyTek extensively for almost 15 years. I am starting to use RaceTab to post regional dual meet results, in order to easily put them into Milesplit.  What I would like to know is if there is a way to import them back into HyTek, so I can either put results into my Team Manager or create a regional perofrmance list. I know how to import from Meet Manager to Team Manager, so I don't necessarily mind taking that extra step, but I can't seem to figure out a way to do so.

Any thoughts?

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At various times there have been export functions but they have wavered a bit with several recent renditions.  You can try using export from the event screen.  But I find that you can't import that results file in my testing.  It gives an error message.  It is looking for a tcl file.

I don't use MileSplit, I use Athletic.net (yes a competitor I suppose) and it will build out all of the regional and team lists for me.  Doesn't MileSplit have something equivalent?

Hytek used to support more import and export formats than they do now. I think the export results format that RaceTab exports to used to be able to be imported into Hytek, but Hytek removed it in recent versions. I don't totally remember to be honest. For the most part I view RaceTab as an alternative to Hytek. And being that the import/export formats are so restrictive (and the TCL format is proprietary), we haven't spent much time to integrate more with it. Though we have tried to make it interchange data enough so that you could pull in a qualifying meet or what not.

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