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I'm running a rd race this wkend with a 1M Sch. vs. Sch xc style race.  I'm practicing to make sure everything runs smoothly.  When I run the event and score it, only one team is registering in the results.  However both teams are represented under the team tab with full rosters  What am I doing wrong?

Probably has to do with the # of athlete to score as a team. Set it in the event.

Jason Byrne said:

Probably has to do with the # of athlete to score as a team. Set it in the event.

I have the event set up with standard behavior, scoring 5.  When I publish the results, it even shows both teams but its only scoring one.  Here's a copy of a report.

Tame the Beast 1M/3M/6M - 3/25/2017 11:28:46 AM
Bobcat Trail, Radford, VA

Community Mixed One Mile Run
Name Yr Team Time Pts
1 Heather Rowland Belle Heth .86
2 Ellen Denny McHarg 2.11 1
3 Emily Eagle McHarg 3.49 2
4 Donita Anderson McHarg 4.75 3
5 Raegan Carrow 6.03
6 Lori Keister McHarg 7.30 4
7 Blenna Patterson McHarg 8.50 5
8 Kevin Dugan Belle Heth 10.14
9 Adeline Daby 11.43
10 Charlotte (CC) Daby 12.77
11 Ken Keister Belle Heth 14.79
12 Georgeanne Lavery Belle Heth 16.29
13 Brittany Akers Belle Heth 17.54
14 Anna Buskill 18.63
15 Isaac Buskill 19.93

Community Mixed One Mile Run Team Scores
Team Pts 1 2 3 4 5 (6) (7) (8)
1 McHarg 15 1 2 3 4 5 - - -
Total Time: 27 Average: 5.23 1-5 Split: 7

Verify that you don't have Belle Heth team set to not score in their team settings

It's set up to score as a team.

Not really sure without seeing the actual meet file. Long shot... Do you have two Belle Heth teams and some athletes on each? Only other thing is... I've never seen this done with a Mixed team. So it could possibly have to do with that.

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