Is there a way to get the bib numbers to appear on the printed heat sheet (to assist the clerk in case an athlete shows up without his or her number affixed)?

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when you print the heet sheet, you do a custom print and add the variable %bn to the name. I put the number after the name most people put it before.  You can also save the custom setting


I want an easy to way to assign bib numbers (ID) to runners only in the distance races.  These numbers should then print on the heat sheets so the clerk can assign alley/ID number from one sheet of paper.




I've been using John's suggestion for two seasons, and the only drawback I see is that *all* the athletes are assigned bib numbers. So, you either must choose between printing out the sheets for the clerk with either one event per page (the choice I've settled on), or you can save paper and print it all out more compactly, but you need to make sure the clerk isn't confused by the bib numbers that will print out for the sprints and relays too.

To be specific, what I do is first assign all the athletes bib numbers in the usual way. Then, Publish tab, Heat Sheets, With Seed Times. Then, I click Advanced Customize, and change the "Group" field variable to %bn for the distance races only.

I hope this helps.


Best solution so far comes from Don Passenger – usea waterfall start for seeding distance races and assign each athlete to a Lane then that lane that becomes their bib/ID number. Score in finishlynx by lane

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