I think I have this thing figured out but it just cannot work for me. Maybe just me.

I have attached the file.

First-when I seed no one is being entered....

Second-when I try to set the seeding the way I want (checked or unchecked) it applying the chnages to all events. Field or track

Third-I am not sure if I set up my "leagues" properly at all-or if that is done after the fact once time and scores are in. I have one whole meet with all schools in it, one meet with just the north schools and one meet with the just the south schools (Camilla, Fallingbrook, Allan A Martin and Lisgar)

When using the newer version when I tried to bring in the athletes by importing the team I couldn't find the coloum that listed "event" "team" "full name" which is the way I had imported them originally...



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Got the seeding!

Got the importing!

Still need clarification of the leagues...

It doesn't matter if you set up the leagues before or after. You just put the teams into the appropriate North or South league. Then when you do the results... you can go into the Advanced settings and do one of two things...

1) Filter so that only one league prints. It will do the scoring as appropriate for just that league. Then do the other league.


2) There is a "Separate by League" option where it will print the full results for each league (Separately) on the single report.

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