We are trying to score events automatically. We have our folders set up correctly with finish lynx but we have to manual click the fat cam icon next to racetab to get times. Is there any way to make it so we dont have to click the icon every time we want to get times

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I have found it to be pretty inconsistent in that regard.

I know this is not related but I'm old enough to remember having to click on each time from each heat to have one popular "DOS" management program accept the times from finish lynx ( 93/94 was a great time to be learning meet management and F.A.T.).  I actually prefer clicking for each heat instead of the "auto" which is not that consistant.

I'm with Don on this.  It often seems that we save times two or three times before they register.  Although it would be awesome for us if the results were always automatically there, it almost seems that the most effective method for us is to make sure that we save times first, move to the event and "get times".  If not the easiest, the most time efficient and reliable way to do it in our scenario.

same here, annoying to click every time, but that's ok, its a great program.

It puts a watcher on the Lynx folder and should see changes that happen to LIF (and LFF) files. In theory if you have automatic selected it should pull them in automatically. Obviously from your reports there are certain cases where this does not happen... not sure if the event is not firing for some reason or there is some other issue interfering with it happening automatically.

Would be great to have it work and I had time to put into this product I'd try to root out that cause. But "Get Times" is there to force it when it fails to engage.

Thanks, Jason!  I know I speak for most (if not all) of us when I say thank you for all of the work that you for everything that you have done to get RT to the place that it is now!  

I haven'y had this problem for a while - we use FlashTiming and after reading and assigning times hitting "Save" elicits an electronic "chirp" from the RT machine and the times appear shortly thereafter. I do find I have to hit the Refresh button to bring them up, but they are in there.

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