Firewall Issue with trying to start racetab (RACE is tomorrow PLEASE HELP)


I am experiencing issues with trying to open and log into Racetab. It complains about my firewall settings, but that error message is quite misleading. I have checked all firewall rules and even left them completely off.

I used Fiddler to check the calls it is making to the internet. The API call to check my username works and returns clean JSON.

The call to /api/v1/auth/login is failing with a 401 Authorization Required error message.


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Did you ever get this work?  I have an old computer that used to run RaceTab great and RaceTab no longer starts on it.  It will load the window and just hang.  Has anyone gotten RaceTab working on Windows 10?

I've run several of the older versions of RaceTab on a reimaged Win 10 machine and on a 6 year old net book that was upgraded to Win 10. For some reason have a problem with any of the versions of Race Tab 4

I did get RaceTab working on the Windows 10 computer it was hanging on.  I uninstalled it and for some reason there was still a RaceTab folder in "Program Files (x86)" with some stuff in it so I deleted that.  I also found a folder here: C:\Users\[USERNAME]\AppData\Local\FloSports,_Inc which I deleted as well.  I also renamed (I had some old meet files in there I didn't want to loose) the data folder in the user's documents: C:\Users\[USERNAME]\Documents\RaceTab.

So after removing all that stuff I reinstalled RaceTab 4.25 and it is working now.  Hopefully we can get a few more years out of this app, the alternatives are a bit pricey just for managing one small high school meet every year for me.

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