First time RaceTab and FinishLynx user.

Does anyone have a simple step by step set of instructions to use RaceTab with FinishLynx?  I know there are lot of people who do this so I'm wondering if anyone can help me.  Here's what I want to do.

Use Milesplit for entries.

Download into RaceTab for seeding the meet.

Export to FinishLynx for use with a camera to time and score events. I'm going to use a two computer (capture and evaluate) system.

Share the results back to RaceTab to score the meet and post live.

My next adventure will be to attempt a third computer at the clerks desk so we can combine heats if needed and do live reseeding and have that go back and forth to FinsihLynx as we o it in the meet.  

I've tried creating a fake meet to play with but can't seem to get this right.  You guys seem smart about knowing what people want so I'm sure it's all been done.  I just need a start.



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Hi Scott,

All about getting networking right as well as the location of the files so that Lynx sees them.  Go to the top of the window at the left and get the drop down menu.  Click on FAT interfaces and set the correct directory.  In Lynx under options you need to set the same directory three places under event (once) and database (twice).  After that you should be off to the races (very punny eh?).

We sell Lynx and IPICO hardware and software as well as provide training if you ever have a need. 

Although not required, set a fixed IP (4) address for all of the computers to be hard wired together. That is mentioned in the LYNX manual.  EG. LYNX computer, Race tab computer read computer

Share a folder for the files from Race Tab that LYNX needs ( a file called .EVT , one called .PPL and one called .SCH) those are just coma separated and can be read in a text reader if you want to check what each contains.  When you read and save the race in Lynx it will write a file to the shared folder. (file will have the race name followed by .lif  ) again it can be opened in a text reader and is comma separated.

When you install Race tab it creates a folder called timing sessions so sharing that is the easiest.  When running RACE TAB go to the meet, then to the banner at the top and click on FAT interfaces  set the data base folder, select LYNX and select all for automatic import and automatic export.  Don't bother with the field lynx option, I've never been able to get my old style serial Field Lynx to work properly with race tab.

Finish lynx race files go into a shared folder, if I run a separate reading computer it goes on there.  Most Lynx operators can read a race quickly enough that a second computer is not needed. But it is nice to have a computer where the race can be reviewed without stopping other races. 

On the LYNX computers you need to set where the race files will be stored. (Go to options>events in finish lynx and set directory)  also on the LYNX computer set the data base folder ( Options> data base and set input and output directory to the shared RACE TAB folder) also on the Data base page in options set source to files, single bite, time precision to thousandths and write .lif on

I would hard wire at least the primary Race tab computer, the Lynx computer and the camera(S) other computers an connect by wi fi .

With several school boards that do their own data management I do not set a net work up. But use a USB memory stick as the shared data base folder.  and just move a memory key from one computer to the other.

Good advice John.  One thing we always do is save directly on the Lynx computer all Lynx files so that any delay in network traffic is not affecting capture and save speed of the Lynx file. 

Thanks everyone.  That's all very helpful.


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