I'm experimenting with RaceTab for use in a cross country meet. By league agreement, each team will designate their varsity and JV runners before the race, but all runners (of the same gender) will run in the same race and cross the same finish line. Here's what I thought my work flow would be:

  • Import the athletes and varsity/JV designation from each school
  • Use RaceTab to assign bib numbers
  • Time the race and get a list of finish times for all runners, either by using the built-in stopwatch or by importing the times from an external source
  • After the race, collect the bib tags from the finish chute
  • Type the bib numbers into event in the order they finish
  • Right-click in the event window and chose the option to show the exhibition column as a way to double-check everything
  • Click score

When I try this in practice, I am confronted with a roadblock. I know my exhibition data flag is getting imported, because when I click on the pencil icon in the athlete tab, I can see whether each athlete is selected as Exhibition "yes" or "no", and these seem to all be correct when I compare it to the raw data I'm importing. However, when I type the athlete's bib number in to the list under the event tab, their name and team fields populate correctly, but the exhibition checkbox always defaults to off regardless of whether or not that flag was indicated on import.

Can anyone offer any assistance?

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