I updated my RT to 4.21 and got the following error message found on the attached image.

"Only one usage of each socket address..."

machines are Dells running XP

Any suggestions?


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Sounds like it is due to the socket server. I have seen it before but nothing I can reproduce to try to fix yet. You can disable to socket server in the preferences. It's not really needed yet, it will be for some apps coming up.

Disable in the RT preferences or somewhere on my machine?

RaceTab preferences

Thanks.  That did the trick. Thank goodness the program freezes when asking if I "want to report to microsoft' as the program dies very quickly!

That said, these are the only 2 machines, of 8) that I had to turn the websocket off.  The rest of the machines all handed the update properly without issue? And 5 of them also run XP.

Thanks again-

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