Is there a way to enter results at the finish line or at field events using an app? This could be a game changer.

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The field event app was planned but tabled. We never planned to write anything like that for running events, but it is possible.

Regardless, there are not any current plans to update RaceTab further at this time. But it is a relatively open platform... it has an API (though not well documented) and the meet database is a standard SQLite database with no password.

So anyone else is free to integrate with it if you wanna build or hire an app to be created!

The lack of plans to continue updates is a bummer.  Is the plan to retire it and be done at 4.25?

There aren't necessarily plans to retire it, just at this time no plans to add new features or provide support resources. So for my part I'll try to do occasional bug fix releases if I have an easy way to reproduce an error and as I have time. And we will mainly rely on community support like this for user support. No one (but me) at FloSports/MileSplit is equipped to provide in depth support. And they've got me working like crazy overseeing various other software projects and a team of developers!

My other challenge is I don't use Windows anymore. So in order to work on it or try to reproduce an issue I have to find my way to a Windows machine.

Anyway... appreciate you all and the support and love you've shown me. The enthusiasm for the product is great. I wish I could do more. Thanks for all the encouragement and for helping each other out!

I do just hope that they realize that some of us are only associated with Flo/MileSplit BECAUSE of RT.  I'm not poo-pooing Hytek or anyone else, but there isn't another solution that I have come across that is as cost effective (free) and user-friendly as RT.  Yeah, it has its quirks, but I can teach a HS kid in about 15 minutes how to set up a meet, enter results and score the meet.  With Hytek, and maybe it is my own shortcoming here, but I don't even think I could get them past the set-up phase.

I think at issue is that some of us get into the trap of trying to power-use RT when that was never what it was specifically designed to do.  I think you actually said that this was not intended (initially) to be a Hytek replacement.  However, over time, it has way outgrown its original intent and does a pretty damn good job at most of what it needs to do.  But, I digress.

If all it takes is a Windows machine, you might find a package at your door in the near future.  I will GLADLY start up a "GoFundMe" and get that ball rolling..."Jason Needs a Laptop"...done :)

Sorry to hear that there is no intention to continue to upgrade. At last year's webcast it seemed like the next 12 months RT was going to try to make a big push to overtake MM etc.

FWIW I've managed to get 80% of the teams in our league to use RT to score their home meets, and once we get them to try it once they never want to go back again. I agree with Michael's comment that a kid or other volunteer can pick up RT by watching me do a couple events.

I spend a couple hours every Sunday night setting up meets for the schools (uploading team rosters, seeding and printing field event sheets, etc.) but happy to do so if it mean more complete and accurate results all around.

Yeah. That was the intention at that time, but in business a lot can change in a year! Cody Branch was on that webcast with me. He is still a good friend of mine, but he is no longer with the company.

Hey maybe the company goals will change back and it will be a priority again, you never know! Right now we have a lot of other great things we're in the process of building that is closer to the core mission of FloSports as a media company. And personally I'm not doing a lot of programming these days since my role is more pure management and architecture.

Again I really appreciate knowing how much you all enjoy it though. Glad we manage to get it (mostly) to a solid enough place last year where it can hopefully sustain with its current feature set and a few bug fixes here and there.

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