I've been a HyTek user for many years and have used RaceTab a little. I'm starting to think I'd like to use RaceTab much more. I've been reluctant to spend too much time with it due to track and field in the springtime in Colorado. When meets are complete meet directors are to submit results to MaxPreps and they require a HyTek file. I'm wondering if in RaceTab when you Export to HyTek does that produce a file that MaxPreps would accept?

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Probably, but I'm not familiar with the MaxPreps system. It exports a semicolon delimited file that can be imported by Hytek. It is uses, for example, if there is a qualifier meet... you can export the results and Hytek for the championship meet can import it.

IS the Semi-colon file compatible with Athletic.net?

Same answer as above, except remove MaxPreps and insert A.net. The intention is to support Hytek. If they use the same format then sure. 


We've been using A.net for meet entries all season - little to no problem importing into RaceTab.

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