How do I designate a runner as a "non-scorer"? For example, we are running a region meet and have a non-region team participating to allow them to run again.  If one of those runners place, how do I alter results so that these runners do not affect scoring?

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When you match the teams will figure it out or give you the option of searching for a match.

Daaaaannnng, Mr. Sassy-Pants :)

Jeff, I think you will be able to "match to team" just like you can with athletes if doesn't recognize it. We hosted a JV meet using RT last night and had no issues matching teams or divisions.  We had Varsity runners compete in exhibition heats (prep for County/State Meets) and marked as issues.

Jason Byrne said:

You edit the team and there is an option to mark it as non-scoring.

I have no idea about, nor do I care about to be honest. :-)

Thanks man!!  good info!!!!!!!!!!!

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