Some Questions:

How do I delete meets from the recent meets list when you first go into Racetab? I tried deleting the datafile, but the meet is still listed.


And though I know that the places get filled automatically when I hit the score button, but why is the place field editable?


Why would I enter runners into a cross country event before I run the race? It seems easier not to enter them into the event, just add them as athletes, and just add their bib numbers into the event after the race.

Thanks! Your earlier reply was very helpful.


Michael Stewart

The Peddie School

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You don't enter them in advance ... or you should not.  If you do then clear them :-)

The places are editable because in track for example you can break ties.  You can also type SCR, DNF, DQ, etc.

Did anyone post 'how to delete meets'?   Thanks.

Don Adams

Fort Thomas

To delete a meet open with windows explorer and delete it :-)  By default they are all in one place.

Don Passenger said:

To delete a meet open with windows explorer and delete it :-)  By default they are all in one place.

Thanks for the reply.  I can delete the meet files in Windows Explorer, but the meets still show up on the first Racetab screen, though can't be opened further.  I'll keep looking for where the name info might be stored. 

Used to be you could remove them.  Something not wired right there.  Also we are getting new meets now in the RaceTab folder named "Meet2012 Meet Name.rtab"  so I think when you rewrote that part you made a minor mistake Jason.

in new update... if u open a file that does not exist, it will ask u if you want to remove it from the list

Is that update available. Currently running 3.053

I believe he fixed it in this Dec. 18th release:


Thanks Don.. That version worked.  Can I ask another can reply to

I'm a new user to RaceTab.  Years with HyTek.  How do you create a Session Time Schedule on Race Tab?

I figured it out..Thanks anyway.

I've only used Racetab for Cross Country, Road & Track Meet single events.  I'm not sure how it would be used for Session Time Schedules.  Good luck.



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