While I hate to say this, I think it is time to close the site to postings.  It was to help people with problems with the RaceTab soft ware, but for the last month there has been too much crap posted to find anything that actually dealt with the software.

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Or man it and ban it. I still have hopes for a resurgence.

Sorry I hadn't checked in for a while. I am getting to banning and deleting.

Spammers are the scum of the earth. Just suspended about a 100 of them. All from China, Russia, or Africa.

Persistent #$@#$ers just deleted another 

I just added approval... people can't join anymore unless they get pre-approved by me.

Well done Jason

Some of us could help if you want help

Mark Harris

Thanks! Seems to have worked! I would not be against deputizing some of you to help out.

Right now I am approving any users before they can post... I am looking up their ip and seeing what country they are from, searching their email address, etc. Seeing if it looks legit or not.

I had to say it, but most spam comes from certain countries. So if you are a little Trumpian about what country the IP address is from you're usually good.

LOL - let us know if you want help.  Checking on things to help you out isn't a problem. I also know what you mean.  I try and put captcha where I can now to stop this continued crap.



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