Right now, as I experiment with the webapps, I am finding that only the dashes/runs are showing up on my device.  There are no relays or field events...is this the plan or should these be showing up?


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Well, yes, it was the plan. The clerking app is for checking athletes in and changing lanes or compressing heats on the fly. I would not think this would be typically needed with relays. I guess it's possible, but relay teams don't typically scratch and get switched around and consilidate heats and such like individual events might. But then again maybe I'm wrong.

And field events really don't operate in that same fashion either, I wouldn't think. Plan is for separate field event app in the future.

That all makes sense to me.  I was looking at it and just not seeing the complete list of events...didn't fully think that through :)  Thanks!

Well if the clerk could confirm the relay athletes .... and swap where necessary ... too cool!  Good bye relay cards furevu!

Hey Jason!  My birthday is coming up soon and I was wondering if you would please add the relays so that they show up for the clerk??? (blows out candles)

I ran a bit of a mock meet yesterday and it was helpful to use the Clerk App.  No paper running from the press box to clerk or scorers table.  Then we had to get a copy of the relays printed to hand to the clerk.  Between you and me, I don't really want my clerk to move teams around or even scratch them (or athletes).  I can see that they didn't run when the teams cross the finish line.  But, it would be helpful if the relay teams were on the events list so that the clerk could assign them their heats and lanes without the paper trail unique to them.  Thanks!

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